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The European Constitutional Law Network (ECLN) aims at facilitating, encouraging and fostering the ever growing interest in the idea of European Constitutionalism by strengthening the communication and the exchange of ideas with academic partners from the Member or future Member States of the EU, the United States of America and China.

The network emerged from the need for a forum of debate on the Constitutionalisation of Europe. The main idea consits in establishing a network of institutes with similar scientific objectives in oder to intensify research co-operation and to launch a Europe-wide and transatlantic discourse on the European constitutional process. By pursuing a strategy that will strengthen and improve the work of the ECLN - institutes for European Constitutional Law, the network is dedicated to make a substantial contribution to establishing and developing a European Constitution.

The overall objectives of the network are:

1. Exchange of information

The ECLN offers a common internet database on national constitutions of EU Member States and Candidate Countries, on European draft constitutions and on national constitutional (or supreme) courts including selected fundamental decisions in the field of European constitutional law. Each network member contributes to this public database by providing references on court decisions, recent developments in national constitutional law and domestic contributions to European law. The Website also contains a compilation of teaching materials and helpful links in the field of European constitutional law.

2. Mutual research support

The ECLN functions as a consultative forum for its members pertaining to questions on constitutional or European law in other countries or in general. Its aim is to enhance synergies as well as research and consulting capacities of the member institutes.

3. Symposia

Conferences on project-related issues of common interest will regularly serve as an important basis for scientific exchange as well as for co-ordinated research. ECLN conferences simultaneously aim at including the interested public to their discourse. The different contributions to the symposia can be found on this website.

4. Exchange programms

The exchange of guest/visiting professors, guest lectures, young researchers and research assistants for the members of the participating institutes will contribute to personalising and intensifying European/international co-operation.



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ingolf Pernice
European Constitutional Law Network (ECLN)

c/o Humboldt University Berlin
Walter Hallstein-Institute for European Constitutional Law
Unter den Linden 6,
D-10099 Berlin

Phone: + 49 /30 2093 3440
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